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A Woman Of Quiet Strength was just relaxed today on Amazon. The Kindle price is $3.49. If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited it is free to borrow.

The paperback will be released in the next two weeks on Amazon and Create Space.


My fourth novel, A Woman Of Quiet Strength will be published on Amazon Kindle at the end of April. It will be available in paperback by May 15th.

A Woman Of Quiet Strength is the story of Catherine Antonia Almeida. Born just after the turn of the twentieth century, the novel chronicles the major influences of her life, and those around her. How, as a young bride, she became the wife of a rancher in California. This is not the life of cowboys and horses, for, in California, farms were also referred to as ranches, based on the original Mexican land grants known as ‘ranchos’. The story follows Catherine’s life, from being a young bride in the 1920s, through to the end of the twentieth century. Along with her experiences came the character and fortitude that helped this “woman of quiet strength” to serve as a major influence on those around her.

This latest novel has a personal interest. It is inspired by my paternal grandmother. Her life was not easy and yet she overcame the challenges in her life and became a major influence in the lives of those around her. The stories she shared with me of her life became the inspiration for this novel. Though the book in fictional, there are some tidbits of truth woven throughout the pages.




My third book is available on Amazon!

The First Step Is The Hardest














The First Step Is The Hardest



My apologies for a long absence. Even with the best of plans, life has a way of going the way it wants. I am now back and close to publishing my third novel and preparing a fourth. 

My new novel is The First Step is the Hardest – Alec’s Journey, and should be out in January, next month. It is the second in the series “Not So Different”. It evolves around a man who is close to pushing forty and starting his life over after getting into recovery. Leaving his past and the man he thought he loved behind. 

My fourth novel currently in the works is call Treasured Afternoons and is a bit of a departure. It is based on observations and reminiscences of a person important to the main character. It will be heartfelt and I hope deeply moving.


On this site you will find listings of my novel(s), updates on works in progress, as well as samples of my poetry, and anything else that I can think of that would be relevant! 🙂

My first novel is now available in e-book and paperback versions.  Please see the links on the lower right side of this page. The title is “It Started With The Garden”, and it is about two people at different stages in their life coming to grips with change. Allen is recovering from the loss of his lover after twenty years together to Mesothelioma, and has yet to move on. Steven is trying to recover from an abusive childhood and establish  his self-esteem. A sincere act of kindness from Allen brings them together, and it is whether or not they can let go of the past to try and build a future together.

There is a page that tells you more about myself as well as a page where you can contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

I have added a new page with my new novel that has a samples available for download. Below is a link to the novel on Amazon.


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