Just Who Am I?

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I have always enjoyed writing everything from short stories to poetry–but always looming in the background was my desire to write a novel. My goal has now become a reality, and I am happily pursuing my career as an author. I have completed three books and already have an outline for my fourth.

I love writing about people and their relationships. When it comes to writing, my first love is romance; however, I do enjoy mixing in serious topics, such as loss, emotional growth, or recovery from darker problems. Whether it is letting the reader see themselves in the characters I write about, or giving them insight into someone who is different, my desire is to always entertain and open peoples’ eyes to diversity.

I am a member of a family of three, and I have been with my partner and soul mate for seventeen incredible years, the last two as legally married! The third member of our family is Sophie, a Cockapoo with an absolute heart of gold.

Recently we retired to Mexico where I am now able to devote myself to my new career and joy.

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