The First Step Is The Hardest – My Third Novel

Moving on is never truly easy, for memories and feelings will always follow.

Walking away from a relationship of fifteen years wasn’t easy. Alec Davis spent the last three years of his relationship with Diego trying to repair the damage that was fueled by their downward spiral from alcohol abuse.

Leaving behind the life he once knew, Alec is now embarking on a new path that he hopes will lead him far away from his past. But, some memories you can’t just leave behind, they cling to you, lingering, just out of reach, but always there. A new job and a new home can be the start, but they won’t fill the emptiness you feel inside.

Meeting Derik Duran was definitely not in his plans.Their brief accidental meeting stirred many emotions in Alec, and when they chanced a second meeting months later it was Derik’s persistence that forced Alec to reevaluate his plans and embark on a journey of self discovery that would leave him forever changed.

Opening up to the possibilities of romance is not easy for Alec, baggage still remains that he must deal with.. But with help, and the courage to face his fears, Alec will find a whole new life of wonders to greet him, once he decides to let go.